Installation kit including hoses

Normal price$36.00
VAT included.

The installation kit including hoses is included as standard with the mounting material for the HYPRO WATER.

These are only spare parts that can be reordered if necessary.

When installing the HYPRO WATER on the cold water pipe, the hoses are shortened individually. For example, if you move or the hoses were shortened incorrectly, you can reorder the installation kit as a spare part.

These are the following parts from the operating instructions:

D Elbow (5/16")

E Elbow (3/8")

F reducer

G Connector (male thread 3/8")

H  connecting piece (internal thread 3/8")

I Water inlet hose (5/16")

J  Water outlet hose (3/8")

K T-piece including shut-off valve

L 4 security clips (5/16")

M 5 security clips (3/8")

N knurled screw

O 4 screws for mounting on a chipboard