FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The HYPRO WATER can be connected to any standard 2-way tap. However, we recommend installing it in combination with a 3-way tap. The 3-way tap from HYTECON is an ideal addition to the HYPRO WATER,
because it has a separate outlet for water filtered and disinfected by the HYPRO WATER.

The The lever on the right of the tap delivers unfiltered and non-disinfected cold and warm water via a mixer tap, perfect for washing dishes or watering flowers.
The separate lever on the left of the tap delivers perfectly prepared drinking water, which you can also use wonderfully for cooking or washing fruit and vegetables etc.

Of course we also supply the mounting material for installation on an additional tap.

The connection of the HYPRO WATER is very simple and is done by most customers themselves, which is why we do not have an installation service or field service to assemble the products. However, you can hire any plumbing company or caretaker service in your area to do the installation, it's child's play.

Our team is available by phone, chat or e-mail for service questions.

The product itself has a safety valve. If water leaks out (e.g. due to incorrect installation), the valve is triggered and the water flow is stopped so that there is no water damage in your kitchen.

The HYPRO WATER can easily be used with a boiler and a low-pressure fitting (your existing 2-way tap).

Unfortunately, the combination of HYPRO WATER, our 3-way tap and boiler is not possible , because our 3-way valve is a high-pressure fitting.

You can, however, use other 3-way valves, provided it is a low-pressure valve.

The installation with an instantaneous water heater is possible without any problems. Please use our 3 way tap.

Here you can see a drawing that will surely help you with the connection to the instantaneous water heater.

Wir bieten kostenlosen, internationalen Versand innerhalb der EU mit DHL und DHL Express an.

Im Normalfall erhältst Du Deine Bestellung nach 2-4 Werktagen.

Wir akzeptieren Zahlungen mit Kreditkarte (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), Klarna, PayPal und viele weitere.

Unfortunately, testing the product is not possible because it is a hygiene item. If any pollutants get into the device through your lines, it would be very time-consuming to clean the device. We would then no longer be allowed to sell it or make it available to other customers for testing.
The result of the system would have to be tested not authentic either, as the quality of the tap water varies depending on the location.
However, in order to be able to guarantee a perfect performance of the HYPRO WATER and to be able to support the trust of our customers, we have the product at independent institutes such as the TÜV and the NSF tested and certified under the toughest conditions. You can therefore be sure that the taste of your water will improve significantly and that all pollutants will be eliminated from the water.
If you are still dissatisfied, you of course have a 14-day right of withdrawal, which you can exercise. So far, however, we haven't had a single customer return their device.