reverse osmosis


Multiple filtration stages Combination of high-tech filtration and UVC LED disinfection
Generation of waste water for which a separate line is required No generation of waste water
Eliminates important minerals and trace elements Preserves important minerals and trace elements
Possible breaks in the filter membrane can lead to contamination UV disinfection is downstream of the filter, so that no germs can get into the drinking water
Most devices have insufficient monitoring of the filters - so you get no information if the water in the system itself is contaminated Permanent monitoring of the filter and the UV unit with the free HYPRO WATER app, push notification in the event of possible fault reports
Demineralized water tastes bland and has a negative effect on the taste of tea and coffee Water from the HYPRO tastes fresh and pure and is perfect for sparkling or using for tea and coffee
Osmosis water attacks pipes, valves and fittings Your household appliances and pipes remain intact
Installation usually has to be done by a professional, as does regular maintenance You can do the installation yourself. The maintenance effort is limited to changing the filter, which is due about 3 times a year
Typical water flow 1 litre/minute Water flow 3 liters/minute
Mostly large systems that take up a lot of space Compact, smart design that fits on or under the worktop


Pollutants that the HYPRO WATER filters out of your tap water:


Removes microplastics


bacteria and viruses


drugs and hormones


heavy metals


Pollution from agriculture and industry




Innovative technology


Highest industrial standard for water treatment for your home

This chemical-free and sustainable form of cleaning drinking water has never existed before for private users

Sintered activated carbon filters

Most powerful activated carbon filter in the competition

Easy replacement after 4 months or 2,000 liters (approx. 3x/year)

UVC LED disinfection

The special wavelengths of the UVC light spectrum physically destroy the DNA of viruses, bacteria, parasites or even multi-resistant germs in a matter of seconds

No replacement necessary. More than 10,000 hours of typical household use


Normal price$1,441.00
VAT included.

  • Dein Wasser: Frei von Viren und Bakterien
  • Filtert Mikroplastik, Schwermetalle, Chlor, Hormone und Medikamente sowie Verschmutzungen aus der Landwirtschaft und Industrie
  • Lebenswichtige Mineralien und Spurenelemente bleiben erhalten
  • Einfache Installation – kein Fachmann notwendig
  • Langlebige Filter und 24 Monate Gewährleistung
  • Nachhaltige und umweltverträgliche Technologie

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The UVC LED unit has passed many long-term tests and has a lifespan of 10,000 hours. They don't need to be replaced. With 20 minutes of use per day, the service life of the LEDs corresponds to 83 years.
The only maintenance effort is the filter change, which has to be done 3 times a year. The exchange is very easy, here you can watch our video about it.

The water flow rate is 3l/minute (at a line pressure of 4bar).

In comparison, the typical water flow rate for reverse osmosis is 1 liter/minute.

Since the HYPRO WATER is not an osmosis system, it does not change the original micro-Siemens value of your tap water.
The micro-Siemens value says something about the electrical conductivity of the water or about the particles in it Water that is charged.
In other words, the amount of substances dissolved in the water that are charged, e.g. metals, minerals or salts.
However, the value does not provide any information about which other pollutants (drug residues, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.) are in the water.
It is therefore not meaningful for determining the quality of the water.

Rely on independent institutes and ask whether the devices themselves are certified.

Click here for the certificates that HYPRO WATER has.

Water from HYPRO WATER has a 300x smaller ecological and CO² footprint than conventional bottled water. You can also read about this in the WHO.

Unlike other water filters, the HYPRO WATER disinfects your drinking water completely chemical-free and without producing waste water/dirty water.

Our production takes place in Germany and we use the highest quality materials. The activated carbon used in the filter is, for example, sustainably obtained from coconut shells.

We offer our customers the option of sending the used filters back to us within Germany. We take care of the professional return to the raw material cycle. You can find more information about our filter recycling concept here.

In our company, we attach great importance to environmental awareness. We are a member of the B.A.U.M. e.V., a network for sustainable management.

You can find more information about sustainability here.

The connection of the HYPRO WATER is very simple and is done by most customers themselves, so we do not have an installation service or field service to assemble the products. However, you can hire any plumbing company or caretaker service
in your area to do the installation, it's child's play.

Our team is available by phone, chat or e-mail for service questions.

The product itself has a safety valve. If water leaks out (e.g. due to incorrect installation), the valve is triggered and the water flow is stopped so that there is no water damage in your kitchen.

The HYPRO WATER is a small drinking water plant for your home. With a size of 25x24x16 cm, it can be found in any kitchen.

Most of our customers place the HYPRO WATER under the worktop. With a size comparable to a toaster, it also fits perfectly in drawers directly under the sink.

Thanks to its compact size, the HYPRO WATER can be placed on the worktop. Please note that you will need a small hole for hoses and the power cable.