Meet HYPRO Water: my new best friend. And hopefully yours soon too!

Water is essential to life, health and well-being. Our body consists to a large extent of water. Hopefully each of you drinks 2-3 liters of water a day like I do. Whenever I'm home, I prefer filtered water from my tap to drinking commercial bottled water. I am so happy that my water filter in my apartment in Zurich has now been upgraded with the HYPRO Water from Hytecon. An innovative and modern water treatment system in a small, compact (shoe box) format for my home, my kitchen. HYPRO WATER is based on one of the most modern and unique technologies currently on the market. It combines a new UVC LED disinfection and the highest cleaning performance, which is internationally certified and patented.

Have you considered the quality of the water you drink every day? Have you ever questioned what exactly is in that water? Neither did I until I read studies and reports about it a few years ago. Despite the fact that countries like Switzerland, Austria or Germany top the international list with the top drinking water qualities, nobody knows here either, you can't look into the pipes behind the facades of the houses from the outside either. Many pipes are outdated or have become susceptible to bacteria due to global warming. Consuming such bacteria, which get into the drinking water through the pipes, on a daily basis and over a longer period of time can cause long-term health damage.

To support the sustainability of our planet and save not only costs but also energy by buying and carrying hundreds of water bottles per month, HYTECON has launched its futuristic and innovative HYPRO WATER. It produces perfect, clean and healthy tap water that is free of any hormones, harmful bacteria, drug/medication residues or chemicals.

HYPRO WATER makes your tap a safe source of health for you and your family. I'm a big fan of filtered water, which is unique due to its freshness, softness and clear, clean taste. As a water connoisseur, I am very happy with my HYPRO WATER in the current lockdown. It is super easy to install, is the size of a shoe box and can be integrated into any kitchen. It can also be used with any carbonator.

I firmly believe that this technology will be the future of drinking water. Not only because it is healthier, but because this innovation also ensures more sustainability in households and therefore also in the world. Imagine how much money, waste and energy we would save if glass and plastic bottle production could be sustainably reduced by all households using a water filter like HYPRO WATER.

And of course there is also a solution for the "water to go": my super stylish and sustainable HYTECON bottle, which I simply fill up with fresh HYPRO drinking water from my tap and take with me to sports or a meeting.

by Nel Olivia Waga, dated 03/01/2021 - last accessed on 03/01/2021 at 12:06